Frequently Asked Questions

Q: Is food organic?

A: No, the food is all-natural to regulate cost and spoilage. For further questions or concerns feel free to send us an email. 


Q: Are meals freezable and/or do you have to freeze it?
A: Meals are freezable and do not require to be frozen unless you will keep them past 5 days.

Q: How long is food fresh for? 

A: 5 days from the day of pick up, if not consumed then freeze


Q: Are there food allergens to be concerned about?

A: Our food is nut and dairy-free. If you have a specific allergy please contact us for more information.


Q: Do you offer delivery? 

A: Yes and you must have someone home to accept delivery.

Q: Can someone else pick up the order for me?

A: Yes, with an invoice number.


Q: What’s the lead/turnaround time to order?

A: 2 days. We are open Monday to Friday 11 am to 3 pm for pick up/delivery. 

Ex. If you place an order Monday by 10 pm it will be fulfilled, Wednesday.

If you place an order on Wednesday by 10 pm it will be fulfilled, Friday.

If you place an order Thurs-Sat by 10 pm you will receive it Monday. 

Q: Do you offer plant based options?

A: Coming soon!

Q: Is the food gluten free?

A: Yes, except the tortillas are not gluten free at this time.