Frequently Asked Questions

Q: Is food organic?

A: No, the food is all-natural to regulate cost and spoilage. For further questions or concerns feel free to send us an email. 


Q: Do you offer catering?

A: For hot food not at this time. For cold food, yes! Email for more information. 


Q: Are meals freezable and/or do you have to freeze it?
A: Meals are freezable and do not require to be frozen unless you will keep them past 5 days.

Q: How long is food fresh for? 

A: 5 days from Sunday, if not consumed then freeze


Q: Are there food allergens to be concerned about?

A: Our food is nut and dairy-free. If you have a specific allergy please contact us for more information.


Q: Do you offer delivery? 

A: Yes and you must have someone home to accept delivery.

Q: Can someone else pick up the order for me?

A: Yes, with an invoice number.


Q: What’s the lead/turnaround time to order?

A: Order must be in by Wednesday at 10 PM for Sunday pickup.

Q: Is there a subscription?

A: Not at this time and open to suggestions

Q: Do you offer plant based options?

A: Coming soon!

Q: Is the food gluten free?

A: Yes, except the teriyaki sauce, Benny’s Go To flavoring, and tortillas are not gluten free at this time.